NOKIA Lumia 920 and 820: A Strong Comeback!

On the morning of 5th September, Nokia and Microsoft unveiled Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones, the new flagship models running Windows Phone 8 operating system. Although the presentation wasn’t as epic as what we are used to seeing at Apple events, the phones however surpassed all expectations. I believe that these two models along with the upcoming tablet from Nokia will mark the revival of Nokia, and here are a few reasons to believe that.

Top 3 Key Differentiators  

1. Photography

Don’t bother about the mega pixels, they don’t really matter. The main camera of new Lumia phones is based on Nokia PureView technology and is capable of taking blur-free, bright, detailed, and vibrant pictures in all types of lighting conditions. It is not only better than any other mobile camera today but it is a true replacement of all point-and-shoot digital cameras.

2. Navigation

With the launch of enhanced Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, and most notably the Nokia City Lens, the new Lumia phones pack a powerful punch of Navigation features. These four features will enable users to find real places on maps, traverse routes with least times, identify best travelling options, and use augmented reality to locate restaurants and shops on any street using the phone camera.

3. The Start Screen and Live Tiles

The Windows Phone 8 platform provides new Lumia phone users the capability to customize the start screen by adding ‘live’ tiles to the start screen. For example you can have your favorite people added on the screen together with a few news apps. The ‘live’ tiles in this case will show latest Facebook status updates by your favorite people and breaking news appearing on the news apps. The whole concept of ‘live’ tiles is intuitive yet powerful, it will help create stickiness among Windows Phone 8 users.

The Supporting Cast

Just like a blockbuster movie banks on solid performances by the supporting cast, a blockbuster product builds upon the competitiveness of features that it must possess to be in the league. The new Lumia smartphones have all the required features to compete against its rivals.

– Free Music: Over 15 million songs available for listening and some for downloading through Nokia Music service. Now that is something!   

– Wireless Charging and Playback: With new Lumia phones the users will not have to bother about plugging in cables to recharge the phone. Simply put it on a charging plate, the Fatboy pad, or on a speaker to recharge wirelessly using Qi technology and play the music using NFC technology.

– Hardware: From high speed HSPA+/FD-LTE data network to the 30% more powerful battery to the 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor, everything inside the shell is as good as it gets.

– HD Display: Nokia calls it PureMotion HD+ which it claims is the world’s brightest, fastest, and most touch-sensitive touchscreen.

– The Form Factor and Accessories: The bright and glossy exterior of new Lumia phones along with funky accessories radiate the much needed fresh and young brand image of Nokia.

What it still needs to succeed

On paper it looks like a great phone and demos look good too. My Twitter timeline also suggests that many influential tech gurus view it favorably. However there are two things it needs to do exceptionally well in-order to emerge as a winner.

a) Get them apps: Do whatever it takes to get all the famous apps on Microsoft Marketplace. I am not switching until Instagram and Flipboard are available.

b) Mobile operator push: Do whatever it takes to partner with mobile operators to place orders, allocate marketing budgets, and create special experience programs to sell the device. It becomes extremely important as

Now that if you feel that this could be the start of Nokia’s revival, it may be a good idea to buy some Nokia stock now which is nearly at an all-time low.


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