Nas Air: Worst Customer Experience

Let me start with some serious travel advice, NEVER FLY NAS AIR, especially when it’s the rush season. This is a personal account of the worst ever customer experience I have ever had. I will be updating it on daily basis until the issue is resolved. At the end of this post are the customer experience lessons learned from this situation.

Day 0: Oct 26

After waiting for more than 90 minutes in a queue that did not move for 60 minutes for reasons not explained to passengers, I finally got the boarding passes for 4 of us. I booked 3 bags and had one hand carry bag that had spare clothes for the kids, Rayyan (5+) and Raed (1+). We were really excited to visit our parents and siblings after more than a year. Since we were going for Eid we had bought gifts for everyone and were looking forward to share the happiness with our family members upon arrival in Lahore.

Day 1: Oct 27 (Eid Day in Pakistan)

Nas Air XY 702 took off from Riyadh at 2:00 am and landed in Lahore at 7:30 am. My father and sister had come to receive us at airport. After clearing the immigration around 8:00 am we kept on waiting for the luggage for hours. Around 11:00 am the conveyer operator staff announced that there was no more baggage from Nas Air XY 702. More than 20 passengers that were waiting for their bags were shocked. After 30 minutes of confusion a person turned up at a counter in baggage claim area and asked passengers to provide their information such as name, luggage tag numbers, and contact number. There was no other information given by that person, let alone any compensation. The passengers were sent home.

It was Eid day and we did not have appropriate clothes to wear, thanks to Nas Air. We also did not have the gifts that we were supposed to give to our family members.

Luckily I was carrying my laptop with me and upon reaching home I sent a tweet to @nasair. I got a response from @nasair that required of me to email my problem to csu@nasaviation. I was expecting a more proactive response from @nasair. Without wasting time I sent the first email to the given email address with all the details.

Day 2: Oct 28
Next morning we got a rude shock! The flight that had come came from Riyadh did not have our luggage on it. Thankfully we had an extra pair of clothes for kids. My wife borrowed clothes from my sister and I borrowed from my brother.

I sent another tweet to @nasair but this time there was no response. I then picked up the phone and made an international roaming call to 00966920001234 (Nas Air Customer Service). After waiting for over several minutes when I got through to the agent, she told me there nothing she can do and I should try calling on 3rd November. I was frustrated and helpless!

Day 3: Oct 29
Another day passed, another flight from Riyadh arrived in Lahore, but the luggage was not on it. Due to Eid, markets were closed in Lahore and we could not even buy clothes. I called the local Nas Air help line in Lahore and was confronted with a very rude person. He was totally indifferent and asked me not to bother them again before 3rd November. I wrote second email to csu@nasaviation and tweeted to @nasair again. There was no response.

My father’s birthday falls on Oct 29. I had carefully selected a gift for my Dad but could not give it to him because it was in one of the bags I had booked. I really felt low and frustrated that day because of Nas Air.

Day 4, 5: Oct 30 and 31
It had now become a daily routine to call Nas Air help line, send a tweet, and use sources at Lahore airport to send telex to Nas Air office in Riyadh to inquire about the luggage. There was no response from any of these channels. As the markets opened I had no choice but to buy clothes, gifts, toiletries, and other things which I had not budgeted for. This was turning out be an emotionally traumatic and financially burdening situation.

On the evening of 31st Oct we got information from Nas Air to visit the airport next morning to collect the luggage. It was a moment of relief.

Day 6: Nov 1
I turned up at the airport on the morning of 1st November to collect the bags. Other passengers of the same flight were also there. We waited at the airport for more than 2 hours and to our extreme disappointment, found out that no luggage had come with the flight. Passengers who had come from different parts of Lahore and from other cities had to return back empty handed. There was not even a single word of apology from Nas Air. Upon reaching home I again called Nas Air help line and was told by the agent to call 0096612166666. I tried that number only to hear an automated response that the line was closed till 3rd November. I sent another email and tweeted to @nasair. As usual there was no response.

Day 7: Nov 2

In a breakthrough progress, the Nas Air help line agent told me that I should try sending email to This was the third email address for Nas Air customer service provided to me from three different channels. The other two emails are (communicated to me by @nasair) and (as per website). I sent the 5th email to all three email addresses and I tweeted to @nasair again. As usual there was no response from any channel.

Day 8: Nov 3

The flight that came from Riyadh on Oct 8 did not have our luggage. Two passengers of that flight also had bags missing. I received a call from Nas Air Customer Service in the morning and the agent wanted to know what were the details of my complaint. Apparently the 6 emails I had written were not read. I explained the issue in detail on an international roaming call. I received another call in the evening from Nas Air but the agent could not tell when the luggage would come. Another disappointing day!

If the luggage does not arrive on Nov 4, we will not be able to attend a very important family wedding in Islamabad as the kids would not have warm clothes to wear and we would not have the wedding clothes and gifts.

Day 9: Nov 4 (Luggage Received)

On the morning of Nov 4, I finally received SMS from Nas Air that the luggage had arrived and I can collect it from airport. It was such a relief! The 9 days of agony had come to an end. Another pleasant surprise was a personal email and a phone call from CEO of Nas Air, Mr. Francois Bouteiller. Although it was late but I appreciate that Nas Air management took notice and acted upon the issue.

Customer Experience Lessons

Below are some of the key customer experience lessons from this incident that are applicable to any company operating in any industry.

  • Responding to customer complaints in timely manner is more important than actually resolving the complaint

Nas Air made it worse by not responding. Uncertainty is the last things customers want.

  • Be mindful of your peak season and plan your resources accordingly

Vacation season (Christmas/Eid/Diwali) is the peak season for airline industry. Nas Air could have avoided this situation by better managing availability of ground staff and customer service staff.

  • Have an effective compensation ready in case of expected and unexpected eventualities

Nas Air could have made it easier for passengers by giving compensation based on the number of days the luggage was missing for.

  • Have an escalation process in place at all customer service channels to identify and act upon serious complaints

Nas Air management was probably unaware of the situation even after repeated contact with various customer service channels.

  • Integrate customer service capabilities with your social media accounts

The twitter account of Nas Air turned out to be only a marketing channel. Customers will turn to social media in case of complaints. Nas Air could have effectively reduced customer effort in getting help if @nasair could register and work on complaint resolution.

  • Before contacting the customer for complain resolution, make sure you have complete information about customer’s complaint.

Nas Air in this case called me to inquire ‘what was my issue’. Although I had sent 6 emails, and made multiple contacts through phone and twitter.


19 thoughts on “Nas Air: Worst Customer Experience

  1. sorry to hear about the delay regarding the luggage. Nas Air has shown a lot of irresponsibility in this matter. there might be a lot of people that might have important things in their luggage. but just due to their carelessness innocent people are suffering.
    i pray that you might get your luggage quickly and safely.
    there is a message learnt from this experience that a cheap airline is always a cheap one. i would just say “Say NO to Nas Air”.

    • this is all you have got ??? “stay home” why dont you be with the right side? Nas airline is responsible for that and i dont blame him on what he said, you know what simply put your self in his situation , Amanh would you accept that ?

  2. Aamir your work in MOBILY & I am sure you know during Eid Holidays a very few staff works. nasair contacted you on 3rd Nov as you said & called you 2 times shows the sincerity. Your lost baggage is not acceptable, but your Judgmental opinions about nasair are not acceptable as well.

    Note: Don’t delete this post as I had taken screenshots.

    Below is a comment of about MOBILY, what answer you have for this comment?

    PF PathFinder: The PROBLEM with Mobily is that, they are too difficult to contact whenever you face a problem with their services.

    FIRST, the contact nos. or tollfree nos. (056 0101100 or 1100) DOESN’T have an english option. Remember, there more expats using Mobily than arabs.

    SECOND, the option in their website to contact them through e-mail…DOESN’T work at all!!! How can you proceed sending them an e-mail if they disabled the the tab to put your name? and it keeps asking “Please complete the form by typing your name” …Whaaatttt!!! how can I type my name if you DISABLED the “TAB” moron??!!!

    THIRD, you have to track frequently your calls and other services you made in your phone or else..they will charge you like a thief!!!
    Like what happened to me, I have an executive package and monthly free of 500 minutes call to any GSM kingdomwide, 500 SMS to any national GSM, and 500 MMS to Mobily Network….but guess what??? Majority of my SMS was charged as MMS, although I do still have 400+ MMS free (Mobily-to-Mobily) but still you are charging me!!!!!!!!!

    FOURTH, the worst thing is that nobody cares about your complaints!!!! Bottomline is, are you happy that you are earning and feeding your families from HARAM income???

    This is NOT Islamic way. Somebody from your top management has to step forward and mitigate all (if not, at least minimize) your services issues!!!

    • Dear Ali,

      Thanks for your comments. First of all this is my personal blog and not a company blog. Secondly I would request you to leave the decision of my earnings as HALAL or HARAM up-to Allah.

      Be it any situation, not delivering passengers’ luggage is not acceptable by any standards. On the other hand expressing personal opinions on blogs and internet is acceptable worldwide. You have the right to disagree and I appreciate that.

      I am sorry you faced issues with your Mobily line. Please email me your phone number at and I will try my best that your complaints are addressed.


  3. @Kazim Khan, from your comments it seems there is no lost luggage in Expensive Airlines?

    Lost luggage is not acceptable by any standard. May I know where are you working in KSA?

  4. Aamir it’s good that you got your lost luggage. A very happy Ending :).

    Just fyi, the comment about mobily poor service is not mine, it’s from a Facebook user PF Pathfinder.

    Mobily has a very poor record of customer service, just read comments on the FB wall or Twitter (hope u understand Arabic…) & worst to visit any of the Mobily offices. Long waiting list of customers. 😦

    • I Agree that Mobily has alot of issues but , I think this post was about bad service of NAS AIR.
      If Mobily is not doing well, it does not warrant NAS AIR to ignore their customer service.
      There is no reason to justify with an example of Mobily

  5. Poor Customer Service can be very well expected from Mobily.. after all it belongs to Etisalat! With regards to baggage issues, surely all airlines have these problems. But Nas Air seems to be a definite no no. Aren’t the customer service and Airport operations supposed to be 24/7? They can’t be completely closed for Eid!

  6. I would say that NAS AIR is a Cheap Airline and still they try to offer efficient customer service…
    But its fact that , bearing such an incident is very tough. Baggage are lots in every Airline of the World but the efficient customer service / Compensations can help relieve the tension. Specially on such vacation Seasons , there should have been more staff to manage the issues.
    And i am sure, Customer Service is not a priority in Saudi Arabia.

  7. 1.September 16, 2013
    NASIAR Domestic Flight SAR 770
    Booking reservation number: 278QST
    Airline confirmation numbe:XY/O1LG5L
    Travel Agent: GlobalTravel Solutions 2nd cross Prince Talal Street Al Khobar

    2.August 21, 2013
    booking reservation no.4XFUA7
    ariline confirmation 450 number: XY/EY2K7N

    Be aware that ticket is paid and confirmed but the passenger amore than an hour before the flight was not allowed to enter and saysthe ticket is CANCELLED.

    according to ticket agent its not their mistake. according to NASAIR OFFICE they not their mistake WHO DID THE MISTAKE. Please answer all these concern we pay and now we cannot use the ticket and not cannot refund the money? how could this be?

    you have the responsibility to your passenger if there are mistake you are suppose to be responsible if no one will take the responsibility then I CAN MAKE MY OWN TICKET BUSINESS TAKE PEOPLES MONEY and run without answering to them is this the system?

    I dont know if you can answer this but you put your name at stake.

    • Hi,

      I am sorry to hear about your bad customer experience. I would like to point out that I wrote this blog from a view point of a passenger and a Customer Experience expert. I have no connection with NasAir or aviation industry in general. I cannot help you in this case. You may want to contact airline’s customer service department as I did.


    • As per my knowledge, a ticket purchased from a travel agent can only be refunded/changed by the same travel agent. The airline does not carry responsibility in such cases. You might want to talk about this again with your travel/ticket agent i.e. GlobalTravel Solutions.

      • I did talk to them and has to wash their hands off for the mistake in fairness to them they have the point the same ticket was CONFIRMED/CHECK/VERIFIED and found to be correct.

        To pass on the blame to the gate, the personnel on the boarding or somewhere is another task a question that remains a mystery to me right now on who to blame and how it happens.

  8. I had one of the worst customer service experience with Air Nas I am trying to book a flight from their website but unfortunately I didn’t work it keep saying system Error after trying more than 20 times and I couldn’t do it I finally called customer service center to book the flight through the phone, they told me I have to pay extra for that I explained to him my condition and what exactly happened to me , he told me to try with different browser and I did, but it didn’t work to , I didn’t want to pay the extra charge through the phone booking because it’s unfair to pay this fees because the websites is not working so finally I went to the Nas office and I explained as well and he replied we have the issue of website a lot, but unfortunately I proceeded with booking and I paid the unfair extra charge and the same thing happened again when I want to change my travel day website didn’t work I went to different travel agency told me the same thing we got always compliant about the website and paid the unfair charge again for the second time.. I guess Air nas play this nasty game in order to make more money …

  9. Location: Riyadh (King Khalid) International Airport
    Flight: XY250  C9R5PQ
    Destination: Riyadh to Dammam
    Date: March 24, 2014 @ 6:05AM

    Counter Employee:
    • Have a roundtrip ticket from Riyadh to Dammam.
    • Asked counter employee if he can also do the boarding pass from Dammam to Riyadh.
    • Employee refused without stating any reason and said you do it in Dammam. He simply is not welling to even talk to say why even though this can be done online within 24 hours of flight.
    • I also looked at seating and he put me at end of plane though I was so early for flight. He would not change seating either.
    • I asked to talk to his supervisor.
    • I asked other “NAS” employees for a supervisor, they indicated to go to end of counter.
    • I talked to someone who refused to give his name, by said he was the supervisor.
    • I was talking and he seemed not welling to even respond.
    • He finally said: “buying a ticket does not give you permission to [sh**t] on us. We will not help you further.
    • He then threatened to revoke boarding pass.
    • He insisted he was the manager, which I doubt very much. Other employees instructed me that manager was in back office. However, no one was there.
    It seems that NAS has given their counter employees green light to abuse customers. So I promised myself not to ever use NAS further, and instruct company-wide memo for avoiding NAS travel.
    Coming back from Dammam to Riyadh, the counter employee was extremely courteous and helpful. Also, flight crew was great in all encounters. So I was amazed.
    I humbly ask NAS to provide Riyadh personnel sensitivity training and be more cooperative. It would be very sad if you continue your customer service on this trend.

  10. We flew with Flynas last year after Ramadan when we were returning from umrah, and they also lost all our luggage and zamzam. we are a family of 5 which included 3 of our children.
    They delayed our boarding because they left the gate too soon, leaving us stranded , hence we missed our flight because of their mistake. They did not provide any accommodation or meals to us despite promising to, this is going against passenger rights, we spent the 24 hours with our young children on the airport floor.
    Until now the luggage is still lost and we have not been compensated for any loss.
    I communicated with Flynas via hundreds of emails and many phone calls. They do not bother to respond to emails.
    aamiraltaf at least you were lucky, you got your luggage back and a phone call from the CEO himself.
    I have wanted to email the current CEO Mr Paul Byrne myself to give an insight of my problems experienced but the customer service team do not give me his email address. Please all who reads this say a little prayer for me that this gets resolved soon in sha Allah
    Lucky , from London

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